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Leather has always been one of the most alluring materials known to man. As man’s earliest garment, it occupies a unique role in the history of fashion & still remains as one of the few natural materials being used today in fashion garments, products & accessories.

Smart Range Leathers produces beautiful innovative design Leather garments, shearling sheepskin jackets, leather luggage’s and Leather accessories combined with timeless shapes for the latest generation. By only using highly selected tanned hides each product retains its natural and individual character combined with modern manufacturing techniques to ensure a tailored finish. This timeless collection captures the spirit of the past with the necessities of the future. In addition to our catalogue ranges,

 Smart Range Leather Company work together with customers to develop bespoke own-labelling products. All this is backed by our latest in-house design studio and computer EDI system that provides a service which puts the customer first. We take pride in working only with natural & full-grain leather, because Genuine Leather has its own unique authenticity. Its inherent natural qualities give it the strength required for durability & a natural elegance that becomes better with age.



To manage all production related process in-house which results in an Uncompromising Approach to Quality throughout the system.


From product-to-packaging our customer is involved in the design process, with the availability of a wide selection of Leathers and Colors.


Since we manage our own production we don’t necessarily have minimum order quantities. Our customer does not have to be restricted to large order quantities when it’s not required, relieving them of the inconvenience of warehousing & managing inventory.


Together with a customized design, our customer has the opportunity to order truly unique and authentic designs.

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